Frequently asked questions

I think I might be pregnant, what should I do?

We offer free medical grade pregnancy tests and options council. Finding out that you are pregnant can be very overwhelming, and we are here to support, encourage, and educate you on all of your options in an environment that is free from judgement.

Is there a cost for any of the services you provide?

No. All of our services are free for our clients.

Do I need to have an appointment to come in?

Although making an appointment guarantees you will be seen right away, there is the option to walk in, however wait times will vary.

What medical services do you provide?

Our Registered Nurses offer STI testing and treatment on-site, as well as point of care ultrasound for those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

Why did you recently change your name?

Our services provide support to anyone who needs our help, not just pregnant women.

What services do you provide for men?

We have male client advocates who come alongside our male clients to educate them in the ways of parenting and offer customized support based on the individuals needs. STI testing and treatment, and prenatal classes are also available.

Do you participate in abortion protests, picket lines, or pro-life advocacy events?

No. We are not a political organization, nor do we participate in any abortion protests, or pro-life advocacy events. Our goal is to support our clients holistically and stand with those who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy.

Do you prevent women from accessing an abortion?

No. We offer a safe environment for a woman to make a fully informed decision that is evidence based and lines up with her belief system. If a woman chooses the option of abortion we are here to support her emotionally through the process and also offer post-abortive healing.

Is post-abortive stress real?

Post-abortion stress is not a myth. Pregnancy care centres respond to hundreds of women every year who voluntarily seek help for negative post-abortion emotions. Many women look for a safe place to speak about their feelings, and pregnancy care centres provide such a safe place.

Emotional responses to abortion vary. They may depend on a woman’s age, the stage of her pregnancy, religious or cultural beliefs, previous mental health, or whether others pressured her into having an abortion.

How are you funded?

We are funded by individual donors, churches, business, and foundations. We are a charitable organization, incorporated and governed by a Board of Directors.

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