What our clients say about us

"I really didn't have great role models growing up, but now I feel equipped to be a good father moving forward thanks to the Centre."

Active Parenting attendee

"I completed the prenatal course at Hope Centre.  My experience during this time has been one filled with joy, love, and gratefulness.  Thank you!"

Pre Natal attendee

"I turned to drugs.  I tried several mental health professionals.  But nothing helped.  Nothing brought me the peace this study (post-abortive healing) did." 

Surrendering the Secret attendee

"Growing Hearts has been such an essential part of my life for the last four years that I can't even imagine how I managed without them.  I will always cherish all the memories I have made and will always love its members and leaders.  Thank you, Growing Hearts, for helping this mom survive!"

Growing Hearts attendee

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