1. Clients are served without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious     affiliation, disability or other arbitrary circumstances.
2. Clients are treated with kindness, compassion and in a caring manner.
3. Clients always receive open and honest answers.
4. Client pregnancy tests are distributed and administered in accordance with      all applicable laws.
5. Client information is held in strict and absolute confidence.
6. Client information is only disclosed as required by law and when necessary      to protect the client or others from imminent harm.
7. Clients receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development,      lifestyle issues, and related concerns.
8. We do not offer nor refer for abortions or abortifacients, however; we are      committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures.
9. All of our advertising and communications are truthful, honest and      accurately describe the services we offer. All our staff and volunteers receive      proper training to uphold these standards of excellence.

Financial Accountability

Gifts to Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre are tax deductible. We do not receive any government funding. All funding to Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre is through private donations and grants. We are grateful for the trust and sacrifice of every supporter.

Signed Financials

Stewardship Policy

Spending of funds is confined to programs and projects approved by the Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre board executive. Each  restricted contribution designated toward such an  approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met or cannot be completed for any reason determined by Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre executive, the remaining restricted  contributions will be used where needed most. Gifts are acknowledged and receipted with an official receipt for income tax purposes at the end of each calendar year unless otherwise requested.

Financial Pledge

We will use every gift received for the purpose in which it is intended. We will be accountable and transparent regarding the finances of Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre. We will follow standards of excellence in financial management, auditing, and reporting.

The Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre is a not-for-profit faith-based organization providing limited health services to clients free of charge.

Scope of Care:

We provide pregnancy support services and routine testing and treatment of STIs and health education.

As such we do not provide:
- Ongoing primary health care or contraception
- Abortion services nor do we assist in arranging abortions
- Ongoing prenatal care

The Hope Centre offers free medical services pertaining to sexually transmitted infections.  The following tests are available at Hope Centre:  Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, HIV, viral hepatitis (HBV, HCV).  Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre does not provide general medical care or emergency services.  As such, if you are experiencing symptoms such as acute pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, fever, abnormal bumps or lesions, we recommend you seek immediate medical assessment by an NP/Medical Doctor.

Our services are not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling, medical, or prenatal care. The information on this website is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional and/or medical advice.

The following online privacy policy is to protect and secure the personal information you provide to our ministry online. Awareness Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre provides this online policy to make sure you are aware of our security practices and to inform you of the way your information is collected and used. We also provide you with the opportunity to remove your name from our e-mailing list, if you desire to do so.

Information we collect There are two different ways in which we collect information from visitors on our website:

1. From persons interested in requesting information or materials from our organization
2. From our online donations

The online information that we collect includes name, address, city, province, postal code, telephone number and e-mail address. In order to continuously improve your service and tailor our subsequent communications to you, we may also ask you to provide us with enough information regarding your demographics, comments, professional interests, and contact preferences.

How the information is used Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre uses your information to understand your needs with the aim of providing you better service. We may use your information to complete a transaction or issue you an income tax receipt for a donation. If you so desire, we may also use this information to update you on ministry projects and activities. We also provide you the opportunity to remove your name from our mailing list, if you desire to do so. Please review the corresponding section of this privacy policy below.

No sharing of personal information Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre never sells, rents, leases, or exchanges your personal information with other organizations. Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre assures that the identity of all who contact us through this Web site will be kept confidential. Use of personal information will be limited to the internal purposes of Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre and only to further the ministry activities and purposes of the Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre.

Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre is committed to ensuring the security of your personal information. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the proper use of information, we have established and implemented appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

The purpose of our email function is to assist you in making an appointment to personally visit one of our centre locations or to help you identify another centre that may be more conveniently located near you. Our centre in Brantford/Brant County does not intend to enter into any client relationships or to offer any client services outside of the province in which we are located.

If you would like to make an appointment to visit one of our locations or to find out more about another pregnancy centre in your area, please e-mail us. For your protection, we strongly discourage you from sharing any personal details about your situation over the Internet. When you visit our centre, one of our client advocates will be available to personally discuss your situation in a confidential setting.

In granting us permission to reply to your email, please consider the confidentiality of any reply that you may receive. If you are giving us permission to contact you via phone or text, will there be anyone else who may be present to receive that phone call or text? Does anyone else have direct access to your e-mail or other means of contact? If there are special confidentiality concerns we need to be aware of in responding, please spell them out so we may be sensitive to your needs.

The women and men at Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre are there to support your desire to be informed of all your options when facing an unplanned pregnancy while always recognizing and respecting that the choice is after all yours to make. Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre provides information, encouragement, and support to you throughout your decision-making process in a caring and non-judgmental environment. We here to help equip you to make an informed decision that will be best for you not just today but long-term as well. If your partner is not ready to come into the centre, you are still welcome to come in and benefit from the information available and learn about all your options.

Walk-ins are welcome, however, appointments are preferred. If you do not wish to come into the centre alone you are welcome to bring a friend along with you. All our services are free and confidential.

We can be reached by calling 519-756-3787 or text 519-442-1119 or via email. All inquiries are kept strictly confidential. Please be sure to view all our disclaimers.

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